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An all new “Magazine” make-up range for South Africa

The first professional make-up brand in Mzanzi; for Mzanzi’s people


Pretoria, 8 June 2016 – STATUS COSMETICS AND PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP is excited to announce its launch in South Africa. After a year of hard work and research, Magdie Raats, well-known in the Magazine industry, is ready to launch the all new “magazine” range together with a investments company.

In a society where we are saturated with beauty products, what makes this product range unique? It is Magdie’s passion for young women, beauty and business that inspired her to create a make-up range specifically designed for South African women. Whether you are a mother, CEO, daughter, business woman or doctor, this professional make-up range is developed with its focus on the modern individual. “Today’s women need to travel, be strong, have fun, buy milk, be a mother, set aside tears and walk into a meeting; all in one day. As women, we need to feel confident in what we tackle and accomplish every day and it has shown that a professional appearance gives you that confidence,” says Raats.

According to The New York Times; studies have shown wearing makeup — but not gobs of Gaga-conspicuous makeup — can help. It increases people’s perceptions of a woman’s likability, her competence and (provided she does not overdo it) her trustworthiness, which also confirmed what is obvious: that cosmetics boost a woman’s attractiveness. “There are times when you want to give a powerful ‘I’m in charge here’ kind of impression, and women shouldn’t be afraid to do that,” by, say, using a deeper lip color that could look shiny, increasing luminosity, said Sarah Vickery, an author of the study and a Procter & Gamble scientist. “Other times you want to give off a more balanced, more collaborative appeal.” In that case, she suggested, opt for lip tones that are light to moderate in color saturation, providing contrast to facial skin, but not being too glossy. Lastly Dr. Vickery, whose Ph.D. is in chemistry, added that cosmetics “can significantly change how people see you, how smart people think you are on first impression, or how warm and approachable, and that look is completely within a woman’s control, when there are so many things you cannot control.”

STATUS provides the everyday woman with a quick and easy-to-apply solution with a product range that is at an International level.  The STATUS product range values that time is of the essence and has packaged products in a no-fuss, quick apply manner. This means that you will have quick and easy choice with superior quality on different style make-up brushes, pallets and lipsticks without the fuss of wasted packaging that unnecessarily increases the product price.

Magdie wants to establish STATUS as a brand that people believe in. With this vision in mind, management knew that they would have to have only the best people on board. They found world class laboratories in the USA and started to carefully develop each product alongside beauty specialist, Sulè Loggenberg. “I’m very excited to see STATUS fly on a whole new level within the beauty industry of South Africa. It makes all the long hours and hard work worth it. STATUS has made my passion for beauty and a healthy skin, a reality.” says Sulè. She isn’t just a beauty specialist, but a frontrunner in permanent make-up. With degrees and experience all over the world, one can honestly say that she is the best in what she does.

This dynamic and vibrant brand was developed for South African people, taking into consideration South African weather conditions, needs and lifestyles. Each STATUS product has unique features and ingredients that are not only beneficial to your skin, but also gives you the professional make-up look you’ve always wanted.  With a dermatological approach, STATUS cares about your skin and ensures a pretty face underneath and on top­­. One of the problems is that professional make-up is really expensive. Bringing a make-up range directly to South Africans, make beauty much more affordable for the same quality. By learning how to use STATUS products, it can reduce your stress levels at work and at home, because you feel better about yourself and your colleagues sees you differently.

Some of our amazing products include lipstick which keeps your lips moist with essential oils, Lash & Brow Serum that enhances your eyebrows and lashes with remarkable results in only one week, and a dual Dry & Wet Foundation that doesn’t block pores. The Concealer contains collagen, which treats marks while covering it. Our range also includes beautiful eyeshadows, lip liners and bronzer, to name just a few. All our products are paraben free and mineral based, animal cruelty free and of course, HD and Photo-ready. Ready for any cover or fashion shoot any time.

STATUS will become a brand with three different ranges for three different target markets. Newly appointed MD, Magdie Raats is very excited to be part of this journey and to help the brand grow. “My passion is young women. To see them strive and accomplish their dreams, makes me smile! My wish for STATUS: to invest in each woman’s lifestyle by making the hard road to success that little bit easier. Red lips can make the world go round.”

With us on this amazing journey, are our friends. They aren’t just brand ambassadors, corporate companies and make-up artists – they are part of this family, and are proud to be associated with this world-class brand. To name only a few – Jenna Clifford, Arthur Kaplan, Werner Dey, Corlea Botha, Zetske van Pletzen and Kefilwe Mabote.

So, watch out world… Here comes STATUS.